Our Mission & Vision

Thank you for visiting our website! At First Assembly, we are focusing on F5: Faith, Family, Friends, Finance and Freedom.  It is our goal to create an exciting atmosphere of worship, prayer, teaching, outreach, and community.  It is our desire not to just “do church” but to be the church as we do life together.  We want to connect with you and your family as we all connect to God.  We welcome anyone and everyone with open arms.  


Leadership Team:


 Travist & Brandy Patrick, Senior Pastor

As the Senior Pastor, Travist & Brandy have a passion for reaching the lost with God’s truths and unlocking the gifts that God has given His believers. They have served at St Robert First Assembly for over ten years. They started out as our Youth Leaders and are now serving as the Senior Pastor.  

 St. Robert First Assembly Deacons

Cesar Gomez
Michael Kelsey
Michael Kelsey
Nii Akofio-Sowah