~ First Sunday of Every Month
Every first Sunday of the Month is designated as family Sunday. Kids 6 and up worship with their parents and take communion as a family.  During this time, our Children’s Church will collect your spare change for Boys & Girls Missionary Challenge.(BGMC).  BGMC teaches our kids about missions, the importance of missions and how they can help from right here at home.


~ DECEMBER 15, 16 & 17 
Due to our continued effort to keep you all safe, our giveaway will be slightly different this year.  There are a limited number of baskets available so you will have to RSVP by December 4th.  Once we have received your RSVP and confirmed your basket, we will schedule a specific day and time for you to pick up your Christmas Dinner Basket.  To RSVP you can email the church at strobert1stag@gmail.com or text 573-336-4452…Please include your name, phone number and email address.