Prayer & Fasting Monday

Fasting has been an important part of the doctrine and practice of the Assemblies of God since its beginning. Fasting is a voluntary, private, and Spirit-led separation from one’s usual activities of life. Typically it is practiced individually by members in the church body by means of separating certain foods and liquids from one’s diet. Normally fasts are held in accompaniment with prayer, and are intended to heighten focus, intensify fervor, and gain control over one’s fleshly cravings and human will.
Every Monday in 2016, our church participates in Fasting & Prayer, focusing on one topic each week.  We will focus on F5:  Faith, Family, Friends, Finance and Freedom throughout the year. We encourage starting at 12am and going until 7pm, praying on the hour. What you fast from is your choice.  The amount of time you fast is your choice. We want this to be a time where our church can join together in prayer from where ever we are seeking the Lord as one body.



~ JANUARY 13, 2020


~ JANUARY 20, 2020


~ JANUARY 27, 2020


~ FEBRUARY 3, 2020


~ FEBRUARY 10, 2020